Project2: Mapping

Pt. 1 - A treasure hunt around London to various shops/agencies/places of significance for our course.

Pt. 2 - Mapping 'A visual representation of a place and its dynamics on a plane surface by means of linkage.'

  • Make work that describes the links to your chosen areas.
  • The end product must take the form of a folded map.
  • Consider the context.

= Make a map to the places sent to on a treasure hunt.
Initial ideas.

  • Purely text -
literally describe the route and possibly experiences (construct a story around the directions which may give the journey sense of importance/history - to give the a map some soul) The text could be laid as a block of text, for the sakes of interest of juxtaposition, which would be difficult and impractical, or each passage put in geographic place upon the paper.
  • Flight path -
from point to point, an approach resulting in a potentially clean image, although it may be interesting to add some 'noise' to the elements created, to play against this. Perhaps only the lines of the path will stand - without geographical reference, this would demand of some other navigational system to be useful.
  • An Os Adaptation - simply an aesthetic exercise.
  • Compass -
I remember that a simple compass can be made out of a piece of cork, a needle, magnet an glass of water, so the graphic practice would be first of all, instructions. This could be accompanied by textual directions or a map.

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