Project2: Mapping

'J.P.233 in C.S.O. Blue' by Simon Patterson, Found in the book 'Mapping Graphic Navigational Systems'
is a map of commercial airplane paths around the Globe. Graphically it is gracious and bare - thin lines intersecting a large space, it was what I had in mind when proposing the idea for the map.

I looked then, into how the structure and detailing of the map, could be worked somehow, by the folds themselves - to make an almost unmarked surface able to navigate you, but the results were unworkable.
Studied origami techniques and from books of paperwork, into varieties of ways the paper can be worked and folded ,not only into smaller forms, but how to alter the map surface itself, such as panel-dooring that is used for traditional advent calendars.
One idea was a pop-out constructible castle, the could be burnt when you are lost and cold...

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