Printmaking (About the Above)

It is impossible not to notice the extravagant prices of prints.
It can be frustrating, so when asked to put a print into a show at Kemistry GalleryI kept this in mind and made a design for the risograph - a process I haven't used before, but famed for affordability.

Prints should not be exclusive to the wealthy.

I based the design upon a quote(left) that a friend gave me whilst at home, drinking tea, it was truly inspiring. He was not so sure what it meant to him, but it gave concise description to a feeling that has been in me for some time. 

It is quite open to interpretation and will of course mean different things to different people. It may be profound to some and underwhelming to others, so I preferred not to divulge mine, as it would have affected yours:
I gave the words a simple stage and a simple frame, allowing them to speak and to be seen without personal adulteration.
The blue and red frame is mad to test/push the alignment process of individual colours required in Risograph. The design was made specifically to the inks available at Hato Press.

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