Car Crashes and The YNC

 The charts and systems used in books of the sciences and of geology, of line and clarity turned my head to a location much more human in scale- roads (motorways to be precise).

 It also struck me how detached these clean, defined forms were from us; our perception of cancer as shapeless and the emotional carnage it can wreak.

 'The Young News Corporation' / is extreme.
Its chosen role in the world is to showcase anything deemed too grotesque to be found anywhere else, in fact I am quite sure that its content would be deemed illegal in most countries:
Its content is submitted from all over the world and largely consists of executions, mutilation and rape. A place that if anyone of sound mind found themselves, would be disgusted to the end of all feeling in their gut. Furthermore if they were to realise that it has an online community and read their nature in what they wrote, may well lose some of their faith in humanity. It is a website that I would advise no one ever look at, including myself. 

But it is the source of the footage.

 Using 'system' as an idea that I perceive as a method of rationalising, with an output lacking in all but fact. 

Taking death; something that we all find emotionally provoking and ultimately impossible to understand, and applying 'system' to it - Abstracting and compressing the image, but the information remains.

The motorway serves as a ready made grid - it is a system in itself.

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