~Vacuum formed island ~ 
Top is a red landscape of fantastical buildings, the bottom is engulfed in corals, the sea in between is represented by 
corrugated plastic board. This is hung from the ceiling by clear line; the island floats in space and can be then seen as a
separate entity to the room. 

~Other forms ~ 
Other forms were created using the same vacuum form process that gave a tactile sense of the island
 - its substance and its ethos, an complete encapsulation of the island in form. Four were mounted on the wall, 
each with various tactile qualities but all very plastic.

~Book ~ 
At the end of the anchor chain attached to the island lay a book. The book had hard black laminate covers, was bound with 
zip ties and the pages were all laminated. Its content consisted of research, experimentation, images portraying of concept 
and documentation of project.

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