project2: Mapping

i, Development / alterations / versions / complications / minimising.

ii, Little bit of the looking at folds done - how design could interact with fold pattern. Decided upon using conventional oS map style fold, as results of explorations resulted in easily damaged and overcomplicated structures. This fold pattern is simple, durable.

iii, Design for the reverse, with instructions forming the cover 'book' of the map when folded down, and a pattern design as space occupier.

iv, Final map design.
Border with NSEW bleeding into.
The flight map, strong in form, is left as the centre piece.
Key text is rotated and positioned in such a way so that form is more evident - pushed to shape, a cascade from the map, legible at the twist of a neck. This also brings the small dispersed elements together to become more formidable within the space - with more energy- things that I felt were missing but necessary for the design deserved to retain the all this white.

In this version, the Alphabetisation in-key is replaced by simple, bold black marks, as I felt some weight was needed (if dispersed), in the mass of space and light marks, as definition to this new form; this also means that it relies upon the reader to instinct upon the correct text to match location - this I aid with the use of spacing and direction of text :
There are two columns of text at separate angles, a first that is densely packed and a second that is loosely, appearing as separate passages, therefore the first will be finished before the second is started and the eyes will not pass from the left to the right one.

oWill Be printed on relatively thin paper for a map, A3.

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