With time short, after thoughts of various taxes that I, as ruler could impose on all those I had ill judgement of, unfair generalisms about and felt self righteously against; fat, rich or ugly, I chose a simple yet devastating thing:

A tax upon Tax itself - The more tax is deducted from you, the more you will be taxed for it.
The idea plays on the the fact that no one likes tax, so simply tax them for how taxing they are. Everyone will hate it - But what the fuck do you care when you're raking all that in, as am I, the king! (with sense of responsibility perhaps a few centuries old)

It is a content of simplicity - a three letter word repeated - But the message is clear.
It is to create an impact, it is strong, it generates monetary disgust and would devastate lives if ever realised.

*One thing that I hope to achieve using this word, Tax, to perhaps make people momentarily very conscious of how much pressure is applied to their own being by charges they receive for just being alive, how much power there is over them and maybe question all of this.
To Daunt and scare.

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