Valley between Iceberg walls.
Ice equals structure, so there is structure made clear.
Ice equals blue, so there is red.
The shapes and manner of line are interpretation of sound and feel - an attempt to communicate my perception of the huge, grinding natural architecture of ice.
(appears blurred only as thumbnail)

Initial ideas include -
  • imagery of opposition in appearance, but of simulation in nature/behavior - to oppose in natural aesthetic, but strike resemblance only in details beyond what the eye plainly sees; structure, movement, interpretation of sound etc.
  • Emulated soundscape. One, because I have never done so, two, as I recall from a natural documentary on the BBC, ice and namely icebergs having very distinct sounds; Clear, crisp, slow and loud of cracks and of unimaginably large pieces of matter, constructed of H20 moving against each other. This could possibly be made of verbal sounds.
  • An illustration. Of everything that is not ice, but is related to, such a a seal, an ice-pick etc. possibly purely reliant on illustrative style, which is a satisfying thing.

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